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Innovation consulting - mady by milani

"We dance with complexity instead of forcing it into models."

We can let people experience the flow and shape transformation positively. We can solve the innovation blockades of the organization and implement new ideas faster. And we can figure out where to start.

We're not saying it's easy. But it's gonna feel like it.

Anyone who works with milani knows this magical moment when standing in front of the big picture and everything suddenly becomes clear. When projects pick up speed again thanks to design thinking sprints, because the new becomes tangible very quickly. When managers create more orientation and enter into dialogue thanks to DNA analysis. And the pleasure of being part of the progress.

We offer advice on:
Cultural change and transformation, training and coaching for c-level and executives, corporate innovation management, organizational design, change communication.

caleidu - the milani academy

"We teach you how to fish."

If increasing complexity questions plans and change is the only constant, then we need more ability to change. We need to evolve (self-)learning organisations including all their employees, managers and CxOs. 

That's why we created caleidu - the milani academy. 

milani itself is a living example of permanent transformation. We have been a moving target in the most positive sense for over 50 years. We pass on our spirit, our knowledge, our methods and our experience to make them sustainable. This is how we sustainably change things. We process all relevant aspects of transformation (mindsets, skillsets and toolsets) - at all levels.

Offers of the milani Academy: 
Master classes for executives, workshops, excursions and learning trips, agility internships for executives, impulse lectures and keynotes

Popular modules of the milani academy



Systematic in-house courses for managers

  • Design Thinking - basics

  • Design Thinking - advanced class

  • Innovation Management - basics

  • Digital Leadership - advanced class



Plug-in workshops and individual concepts

  • Working Out Loud - Start now!

  • DNA analysis of the innovation culture

  • Digital leadership - c-level

  • Digital leadership - senior executives

  • Graphic recording and visual leadership



Experience the future: Inspiration, Study Trips and Excursions 

  • Start-up and co-working scene, Zurich/Berlin 

  • Masters of digital Transformation Tour, Switzerland

  • Future of Fashion, London

  • Digital Leadership Experience, Dubai



Inspiring and unusual impulses and keynotes

  • Change on speed - the digital transformation

  • #NewWork - the future of work

  • digital leadership

  • Business model innovation

  • Corporate innovation management - next level

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