Service Excellence begins with the person. Service excellence addresses all customer touchpoints of a company and strives for their conceptual and sensory optimisation.

At milani we combine our expertise in design and service excellence with our natural empathy. Together with our clients we determine their unique character by applying the special milani DNA analysis method – on an emotional, intellectual and physical level. In the process, we define differentiation potential and clear USPs at all touchpoints of a company by also analysing their main competitors. 

We hack current strategies to determine the unique features and potential on all levels. On this basis, we develop highly innovative customer-experience concepts and see them through to implementation

In the milani Berlin office, we offer our clients a unique combination of service excellence expertise, creative strategic consulting and design at the highest level. We draw from more than 50 years of design experience and over 25 years of experience in the luxury hotel industry. This makes us the ideal experts in service excellence for considering all processes from the perspective of the customer. 

 Under this premise, we develop unique concepts for and together with our clients – custom-made and innovative. 

 “swissness made in Germany” = the whole is more than the sum of its parts …

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