Innovation and Business Design

From the invention, from the idea to the actual innovation: milani develops new products, systems or services and makes them ready for the market.

The digital age with its ever changing life concepts and needs increases the necessity for innovation. The ability to continuously modernise decides between success and failure. Technical developments, proceeding at a tearing pace, make product life cycles shorter and shorter. With smart innovations companies can set international standards. Besides, continuing innovation is the best copy protection!

milani acts as innovation driver and innovation developer for its customers. milani generates technology or user-based ideas. Solution-focused application scenarios and implementation concepts turn these inventions into successful innovations. milani accompanies each implementation step right up to the successful market launch. The implementation into existing business processes or product portfolios is offered by means of an integrated consultancy service.

In the past couple of decades, milani has both developed new products for numerous clients and managed innovation processes. Starting point can often be purely strategic questions relating to a changed market environment with a new competitive situation. milani accompanies innovation processes as external expert in an intensive dialogue with the customer.

Additionally, milani independently develops innovation concepts for existing business models and product lines.

milani deals with innovative solutions for an ever changing society. New life concepts, new communication habits and an increased life expectancy require new concepts. Social requirements in areas such as transportation, interior and communication design have gained growing importance. milani develops, amongst others, innovative concepts surrounding the topics autonomy in old age, culture or education.

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