milani brings the vision to life. milani designs successful business models to meet ideas.

No matter if start-up, spin-off or business expansion of a multinational corporation, one question is decisive: how does it work in its entirety? milani Venture Design finds and designs integrated solutions and implementation concepts.

How does one transfer a brilliant idea into a successful innovation? What is the value proposition for the customer? Which strategy matches my idea best? Which technological solution is the most sensible one? Which design meets the user requirements? How can I find strategic partners? Which communication strategy is the most meaningful one for my product? No matter if entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship: the successful interaction of all factors is essential. The individual element can only unfold its strength in the right context of the entirety.

From product development and product design to web site and smart mobile app solutions for an optimal distribution: with our venture design we identify all relevant success factors and develop creative solutions. We understand design as integrative thinking and designing of value creation and communication.

From the design to the prototype: milani has accompanied various laboratory discoveries and ideas on their way right up to the market launch. Thanks to the development support of milani, various inventions from renowned universities such as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) or the University of St. Gallen became successful start-ups. Private founders, medium-sized enterprises and multinational corporations with need for innovation find a partner in milani Venture Design.

With milani venture we also assume entrepreneurial responsibility for the long-term success of the start-up. We participate in the start-ups and accompany the company development.

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