The true face in the crowd: in order for a "face" of a product or a company to be intuitively grasped and identified by its environment it must be unique. It also must be credible and be adequately communicated through all communication channels. milani aims to make the ambitions, attitude and self-image of products and companies perceptible in their brand identity and communication. A thoroughly staged experience and coherent communication create confidence and offer a platform for the external and internal identification. Together with our customers, and based on the DNA-strategy, we define emotional-intuitive success factors which are then reflected in the design.

Our core competencies in the branding area

 Corporate identity and corporate design
 Communication strategies
• Brand design and brand architecture
• Naming
• Development of the picture language
• Wording and text factory
• Design guidelines
• Brand training and coaching
• Assistance with the design launch
• Business stationery, labelling, packaging
• Corporate publishing (company / image brochures, customer magazines, newsletters, business reports), trade shows, events and digital brand presence

Business areas