The design of highly complex medical devices has been one of the core areas of work at milani since pioneer Francesco Milani’s agency foundation. Many years of experience - combined with an ongoing, intensive exchange of thoughts and ideas with doctors, scientific institutes, manufacturers and users alike - have taught us how medical devices need to be conceived and designed to create enthusiasm with users and to come out on top in the market.

The take care factor

Emotional factors, such as reducing fears and creating trust, play - besides functional and ergonomic aspects – an all-important role in the design of medical products. Additionally, specific corporate values and corporate claims are integrated into the products guaranteeing the latter’s recognition value and identification.

Scope of work

• Product strategy
• Innovation research
• Human engineering studies and process analyses
• Scenario development regarding product and innovation development
• Definition of the product language which is to be applied on all products
• Creation of guidelines
• Design of product families
• Design of complex individual products

Business areas