milani conceives, sketches and designs interiors for homes, businesses, trade and production with complex requirements. Functionality, quality, efficiency and consistency are the focal points of the work. The milani DNA-analysis is thereby the starting point and basis for a reliable planning process. Aesthetic aspects and harmony are an important part of the development process. In order to prevent that the latter takes on a life of its own it needs to be constantly and critically checked for entertainment factors. The experiences made by milani, in particular in the area of transportation design, sharpen the profile. If required, milani also creates the branding and CI/CD.

The individual character and distinctive recognition of the key players and main benefits should be reflected in the interior, respectively object. To this end, we start the process by analysing the personal DNA which serves as basis for all tangible and visual aspects. This DNA is implemented in all internal (cultural interaction, processes, flows) and external aspects (interior, communication, materials, light, etc.). milani offers a scope of services from basic evaluation, concept and design to implementation. milani also advises customers in terms of quality assurance in close cooperation with architecture practices and other planning specialists in charge.

Our core competencies in the interior design area
• DNA-analysis and concept, innovation search and definition
• User studies and process analyses, scenario development of various options
• Definition of design guidelines for scaling, franchise concepts
• Creation of guidelines for architecture tenders
• Concept and planning of complex rooms and usable areas
• Design of all POS-components such as shelves, shop, trade shows
• Corporate design and communication strategy


Business areas