Packaging and the product-DNA: in order for a „face“ of a product to be intuitively grasped and successfully identified in the market it must be unique and be adequately communicated through all communication channels. milani aims to make the ambitions, attitude and self-image of products perceptible in their brand identity and communication. Together with our customers, and based on the DNA-strategy, we define emotional-intuitive success factors which are then reflected in the design. A special emphasis in the packaging development process is also placed on the selection of materials, surface feel and production method.

Our core competencies in the packaging design area
• Packaging concepts
• Disposable packaging, reusable packaging and durable packaging
• Case designs
• Product packaging for medical and consumer goods industries
  ranging from low to high-cost
• Development of packaging family
• Layout design applicable on all standard sizes
• Folding techniques (no-glue, reuseable, recyclable)
• Luxury packaging design (cosmetics)
• Flacon design
• Labels, quality seals
• Wording and text factory
• Naming
• Picture language
• Guidelines

Business areas