One of the world’s leading railway companies works with milani: Swiss Federal Railways have worked with their house agency milani for many years on all relevant design projects. The cooperation with numerous Swiss regional railways and important international manufacturers has made milani the leading design company in the transportation industry.

The advantages of a special approach

Regional providers aim to distinguish themselves from other cities with an individual look and feel. In transferring the DNA (identity, personality, character) of an organisation, a country, a region or a city, to their means of transportation identity is created. The latter is then applied on the respective design guidelines, e.g. for vehicle procurement. In this way, company Bernmobil successfully optimises the below processes:

Bernmobil receives the requested design offers from interested manufacturers according to the guidelines as well as 1:1 comparable offerings. The implementation of design concepts in close cooperation with manufacturers and operators is accompanied by milani from start to finish.

Our core competencies in the transportation industry

• DNA analysis of the operators and/or regions
• Interior design of vehicles (new procurement and refurbishment)
• Exterior design of vehicles (new procurement and refurbishment)
• Norm compliant design PRM (Switzerland and EU)
• Seat design (ergonomics)
• Material and colour concepts
• Special zones such as: business, bar, restaurant and family zones, etc.
• Passenger guidance systems and development of pictograms
• Vending machines (hardware and software)
• Interior design of service counter areas and design of stops / stations
• Staff uniforms / corporate wear
• Innovation concepts
• CI/CD, design guidelines for advertisements and design booklets

Business areas